LPG Bottle Delivery

Due to current high demand, LPG bottle orders are taking longer than usual to deliver. Please place your order well in advance and be prepared for delays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



Ordering LPG

How do I order gas for my home?
You can order immediately during sign up, otherwise, once signed up, you can order your gas bottles through our handy Mobile App or online with My Account. If you haven't already, register here for My Account, it takes just a few clicks.

How does delivery work?
Once your order is confirmed we will place your order with our delivery partner Genesis. Genesis is a diversified energy company and we have partnered with them to deliver bottled gas to our customers all across New Zealand. A Genesis delivery truck will arrive at your home and provided your bottles are accessible, they will deliver your gas bottles as per your request. Your gas bottles will arrive on your next available scheduled delivery day from the date you place your order but we will always make an effort to get this out to you asap. You'll receive an SMS or email when we've delivered your bottles. If we don’t have contact details for you, we'll leave a card.

New Customers
If you are a new customer and have never had LPG cylinders connected, please note that our driver will deliver the cylinders but not connect them. You will need a gasfitter to do the first connection. If you are a new customer but already have cylinders connected, our driver will deliver the cylinders and connect them. Should you have any gas left in the old cylinders, our driver will leave the newly connected cylinders ON. If you have no gas in the old cylinders, our driver will leave the cylinders turned OFF.

Existing Customers
For existing customers, our drivers will deliver the amount of cylinders you have ordered and leave the cylinders ON, except if you request the newly delivered cylinder to be turned off. If you have run out of gas, our driver will leave the cylinders turned OFF.

More information on how my bottled gas work
If you want to know more about how your gas bottles works, when it's empty or when to order, click here.

What if I'm not set-up for bottled gas yet?
Please note if there are currently no gas bottles set-up or connected at your service address, a gas fitter will be required to attend the site to connect your bottles after your delivery has taken place. If you currently have empty bottles connected, Energy Online will deliver and connect your replacement bottles however these will be left turned off. For your safety, please ensure all appliances which use gas are turned off prior to turning your new bottles on.

Last updated: 10 November 2021


LPG Safety advice

There are a few reasons why you could smell gas inside or outside your home around the cylinders, but it is important to put safety first.
  • If it's safe, turn the tap off clockwise on the top of the bottles.
  • Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows.
  • Leave electrical appliances as they are - don't turn them off or on.
  • Vacate the premises and call Frank Energy on 0800 086 400. If possible, call us from a neighbouring property as yours may be unsafe.
  • Ensure any gas fitting is carried out by a licensed gasfitter and ask to see their practicing license ID card
  • Get your gas appliances regularly serviced
  • Gas appliances must be properly ventilated
  • Get your LPG cabinet heater and cylinder checked every year by a licensed gasfitter
  • Check before you dig.

Last updated: 22 November 2021