LPG Bottle Delivery

Due to current high demand, LPG bottle orders are taking longer than usual to deliver. Please place your order well in advance and be prepared for delays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Fees and extra charges.

We sometimes have to bill for services over and above your normal energy supply charges. To help avoid unexpected costs, we have listed our service fee prices below.

Electricity service fees (incl. GST)
Reconnection only

After hours Reconnection

Disconnection (advanced meter)
Includes standard reconnection fee
Disconnection (standard meter)
Includes standard reconnection fee
New connection

Permanent disconnection

Final meter reading fee

Special meter reading fee

Meter relocation / shifts

Meter replacement

Internal fault

Capacity upgrade

Capacity downgrade

Change from builders temporary supply to permanent

Meter accuracy test (per meter)

Meter configuration change

Remote meter configuration change

Meter site verification

Meter resealing fee

Combine and centralise metering

Attendance fee

Price plan change fee
First change in a 12 month period is free, subsequent changes are charged.

Natural Gas service fees (incl. GST)
Reconnection on next working day (normal hours)$161.00
Reconnection on next working day (after hours)$207.00
Reconnection on same day (normal hours)$201.25
Reconnection on same day (after hours)$258.75
Meter site verification$180.00
Site visit (normal hours)$92.00
Site visit (after hours)$132.25
Special / final read$34.50
Meter resealing fee$150.00
Meter site verification$180.00
Attendance fee$92.00


  • New connection
  • Permanent disconnection
  • Meter accuracy test (per meter)
  • Meter removal
  • Meter replacement
  • Meter relocation / shifts     
  • Meter configuration change
  • Combine and centralise metering
LPG Bottled gas service fees (incl. GST)
Bottle refill and standard delivery (per 45kg bottle)+$104.00 with electricity supply
($120.00 LPG only)
Your gas bottles will arrive on your next available scheduled delivery day (excludes Public Holidays).
Monthly bottle rental (2 x 45kg bottles)^$10.00ˆ Monthly fee for the rental of 2 x 45kg bottles.
Other service fees (incl. GST)
Late payment fee$14.00

Please note:

  • Prices include GST.
  • Additional fees may apply for other related services not listed on this pricing schedule. These services will be priced on application.
  • A combination of fees may apply to any given task - you will be advised of this when you request the task to be completed.
  • Our service fee pricing schedule relates to services that are not part of your everyday energy supply.
  • Prices are effective 20 February 2020 and are subject to change in accordance with Frank Energy's terms and conditions for energy supply.
  • Multiple ICPs may incur additional fees.